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Hoxton Master Stylist and Colourist

Simon Schuetz (@othurrrhair) hails from Munich, and just like the land of “Vorsprung durch Technik”, he likes to bring a masterful level of precision to his work. As a champion of both cut and colour, he's won over clients from across the globe with his attention to detail and delightful straightforwardness. He’ll always go the extra mile to make clients relaxed and happy, ensuring they leave with flawless hair. When he isn't creating magic at Butchers, he continues to hone his creative spirit through designing Avant Garde fashion, as well as making accessories and statement pieces for just about everyone. What Susannah and Katie Say… Efficiency, knowledge and exactly the hair you want. Simon doesn’t beat around the bush and will tell you exactly how to get it. Passionate about the environment and his own personal style at the weekend (check out @theoriginalhurrr on Insta) he’s highly skilled and creative in many ways.
Simon - Butchers

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