How to Choose the Right Blonde Hair Colour

“A hairdresser once told me that some people just shouldn’t be blonde,” said a new client in our salon the other day. “Nonsense!” we replied, “You just need to know how to choose the right blonde.”

Katie Knox, Black Belt colourist and co-founder of Butchers Salon insists there is a blonde for everyone, with some key factors to consider. Here she shares her expert advice on how to choose the perfect shade for you.

The Journey to Blonde Hair

“Not everyone can reach the shade of blonde they desire in one sitting” says Katie, who made the journey from a natural dark blonde to platinum herself. “It’s important to trust your colourist if they advise you that it will take a few trips to the salon to get you to the perfect shade. Overprocessing the hair in one sitting can make it weak and cause breakage. By going slow, and following the expert’s advice on treatments and take-home products we will ultimately be able to reach your hair goals.’” 


“We’ve come a long way from blonde meaning an all-over bleach or full head of highlights. Techniques like balayage, ombre, shadow roots, and panels mean there are so many more ways to go lighter, without necessarily meaning all over. Highlighting and creating shadows can make the darkest haired person a blonde, and some balayage techniques can even be used to contour your face depending on where you place the blonde slices!” 


“Choosing the right tone is also key to making blonde work for you. When you get it right, it gives a healthy glow and can make your eye colour really pop. But get it wrong and it can make you feel washed out and lackluste” warns Katie.  “A good hair colourist can help you pick out the tone that’s right for you, but an easy way to check on yourself is to look at the colour of the veins on the inside of your wrist. Blue or purple veins means you have a cool tone which means you suit a cooler, ash or platinum blonde tones. Greener veins mean your skin tone is warm, and would suit warmer golden or honey blonde shades. If you can’t tell, or your veins sit between the two, you could be neutral. This means you’re one of the lucky ones – and warm and cool blondes will work for you!”

Maintenance of Blonde Colour

“This is one of the most important factors to consider for blondes, and one that often gets overlooked,” says Katie. She suggests discussing the following points with your colourist during the consultation.  Based on these, they’ll be able to recommend a blonde look that will suit your lifestyle and budget:

How often do you want to visit the salon and how much can you afford to spend at each visit? 

“A full head of bleach requires a trip to the salon at every 4-6 weeks for a root touch up. Additionally, we always recommend an add on salon service with Olaplex – a treatment which strengthens the hair. Opting for a sunkissed balayage with a natural root means you can go a lot longer between visits if you prefer a low maintenance style.”

Are you prepared to maintain the colour at home? 

“Maintenance at home includes using specialist purple shampoo and conditioner to help keep your colour looking fresh. Blonde hair also requires richer masques and treatments, leave in conditioners, and heat protector sprays. To prevent breakage, blondes should also use non snag hair bands, hairbrushes that don’t rip the hair. You could even consider investing in a silk pillowcase, which prevents moisture loss from hair whilst you sleep”.

For more blonde hair inspiration head over to Instagram and search the hashtag #butchersblonde or #butchersbalayage to see more of our work. Katie no longer takes on new clients but you can check out any one of our expert colourists. Just give us a call to book in a colour consultation today!